Dream Home Week Two Reveal

It's been another huge week on Channel 7's Dream Home this week! This week contestants have completed renovations at Watsonia North and Northcote homes and have finished it in style.


Heading back to Mel and Brad's home located in Melbourne, this week contestants brought even more creativity to their spaces.

Bathroom - Northcote's Sophisticated Haven

The teams continue to impress us with their renovations, and this week, Hannah & Johnny unveil a bathroom that exemplifies timeless elegance. Stepping into this space, you're greeted by a serene atmosphere, a testament to the power of a well-balanced design.

The foundation lies in a beautiful neutral base. This clean canvas allows the star of the show to shine – the stunning KIMBERLEY Floor Mount Vanity in a rich beech timber finish. The natural warmth of the wood instantly draws you in, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation. Hannah and Johnny have layered this with the opulent EDEN Solid Surface Bench Mount Basin as the perfect finishing touch for this space.

But the elegance doesn't stop there. Hannah & Johnny have masterfully incorporated brushed brass accents throughout the room. The EDEN Tapware, shower outlets, and accessories shimmer across the room adding a touch of opulence without overwhelming the space.

This bathroom is a beautiful example of how to achieve a timeless aesthetic that feels both sophisticated and inviting.

Laundry - Dream Laundry Takes Flight With Bold Design

This week Jordan & Jacinta have created a laundry that is a testament to the power of pushing boundaries and embracing creativity, even in functional spaces.

The duo created a space brimming with personality and character, using a stunning juxtaposition of light and dark. The warmth of the brushed brass SPIN tapware dances alongside the edgy gunmetal BURAZZO sink in a bold and powerful way.

These pieces pop against a backdrop of crisp white cabinetry, and the soft blush pink of the tiles that further softens the space, creating a harmonious balance between boldness and serenity.

This laundry is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that even the most practical and boring spaces can be canvases for creative expression. It's a space that inspires, proving functionality doesn't have to come at the expense of style.


This week at Taeler & Elle's home contestants have pushed their creativity out of the box to create another stunning bathroom design.

Bathroom -Nature's Embrace: A Spa-Like Retreat

The doors of Week Two at Watsonia swing open, revealing an organic bathroom designed by Rhys & Liam that is something we haven't seen ever before. Here, earthy tones and textures meets modern luxury, creating a space that's inviting and calming.

Imagine stepping into an earthy haven where natural textures surround you, exuding tranquillity. Take a look into the finer details, with the refreshing and calming green feature tiles, the waves of the fluted shower panel in the corner and the practical storage space with the built-in open shelving.

The heart of this design is the BYRON Blackbutt Timber Wall Hung Vanity. Its golden hues, infuse the space with warmth, while the recessed wall that surrounds the vanity area brings a modern twist and innovation to the room.

The brushed nickel fixtures add sophisticated elegance to the entire design, while the captivatingly curved shower walls create a sense of flow.

This bathroom is a reminder that our homes can be our own sanctuaries, bringing us peace and relaxation.

The teams have nailed the transformations yet again and we are looking forward to next week when we visit new homes in sunny Queensland! If you are looking to recreate some of these beautiful designs in your own home, speak with our expert team in-store and receive a free quote!