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Frequently Asked Questions


Q Who is Highgrove Bathrooms?
Q Do you have retail stores or are you just online?

Online Ordering

Q Can I buy online?
Q How do I place an order?
Q Can I modify an order?
Q Can I place an order if an item is out of stock?
Q Am I able to cancel an order?
Q How do I create an account?
Q How do I reset my password?
Q How do I change my account details?
Q When can I pick up my product after ordering?
Q Can I sign up for your newsletter?


Q Is my product in stock?
Q Do your products come with warranties?
Q How do I process a warranty claim?
Q What do I do if I have received the wrong product?
Q How do I return or exchange my order?


Q What is your Returns Policy?
Q How do I return an item?
Q Can I return and item due to change of mind?
Q Can I return an item that doesn't fit?


Q Do you deliver?
Q Can I collect my item from a store?
Q How much do you charge for delivery?
Q How will I know that my item has been dispatched?
Q I have received a product that has broken in transit. What do I do?
Q Do you deliver overseas?
Q How long does delivery take?
Q What do I do if I have received the wrong product?


Q Is my information being kept safe?