Rimless Floor Pan


Gloss White


Includes: Toilet Pan, Seat and s-trap to suit 145-180mm

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The OLLIE Rimless Floor Mount toilet features a rounded pan design, with Rimless flushing technology, for an effortless hygienic bathroom experience. No more lips to clean around. Rimless is seamless, functional and hygienic. With a concealed cistern toilet suite, the water tank and mechanism is hidden behind a wall or cavity, creating a modern, streamlined look in addition to saving you lots of space. Heavy Duty Duraplast Quick Release Soft Close Seat.

365mm x 570mm x 430mm



7yr replacement product or parts*: 1 yr labour Parts / Valves / Accessories 1yr replacement parts. | *Note: Excludes valves, seats, button assembly, links, flush pipes and other internal components which carry a 1yr replacement warranty.

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