In Wall Separate Diverter Kit Brushed Brass


Brushed Brass


Includes: 1x In-Wall Body, 1x Diverter Handle & 1x 40mm Dress Ring.

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Our range of Diverter Handle Kits bring timeless placement opportunities, so you have more flexibility when configuring the layout of your next bathroom. Refreshing your look has never been so easy! In years to come, you can replace your Diverter Handle Kit with ease, by choosing a completely different colour, design style or by purchasing the 60mm Round or Square Dress Rings (sold separately). Finishes available in Chrome, Matte Black, Brushed Brass and Brushed Nickel. Our Diverter handle kits allow you to combine and choose a functional location for all your shower or bath fittings and outlets, such as Shower Heads, Showers on Sliding Rail, Bath Spouts, SPIN progressive mixers or your choice of mixer. They can be matched with our entire range, providing you with endless application options in your next bathroom renovation. 60mm Round or Square Trouble Domes are also available (sold separately). Pictured here is the MESH In Wall Separate Diverter Kit Brushed Brass.

40mm x 9mm x 40mm

7 yr replacement product and parts: 1 yr parts & labour.

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