20mm Thick Curved Stone Top with Cut Outs 1800mm

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Includes: Stone Top only.

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The PURE WHITE Quartz Stone Top features light neutral tones with micro flecks of natural quartz chips on a crisp and bright white base. This shade in stone tops is a highly versatile and sought-after choice in modern bathroom renovations. It has a beautiful 20mm Highly Polished Engineered Quartz stone surface meaning it requires minimal maintenance to keep them looking like new. This stone comes with pre-cut holes for 2 x basins, 2 x tapholes and 2 x pre-cut curved corners, specially designed to use with the KIMBERLEY and WAVE vanity ranges. Quartz stone is a non-porous and durable material that is resistant to stains, common household chemicals, mildew and heat. Maintaining the high quality, original finish requires minimal care. Featured here is the PURE WHITE 20mm Thick Curved Stone Top with Cut Outs 1800mm. Must be cut in accordance with local WHS regulations. Contains Silica.

1800mm x 500mm x 20mm

5 yr replacement product.

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